Travel Like a Pro This Holiday Season

December 30, 2018

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The holiday season is all about making memories with friends and family, while finding time to catch up and slow down a bit. That’s why it’s my favorite time of year. But the one tough part about the holidays is the traveling. Somehow the spirit of it all is lost amongst the airport delays, heavy traffic and crowded trains. Being prepared for traveling, makes it all the easier. Remembering what to pack, and what not to pack is key. But, often we overlook what luggage we use, resorting to the age old option in our closet. Traveling with my Travelpro® Platinum® Elite Tri-Fold® Carry-On Garment Bag and Platinum® Elite Business Backpack, takes the thinking out of it all.

Let’s start with the amazing Platinum® Elite Business Backpack ($239.99 ARV). Not only is it innovative and trendy, but it’s also super durable! The numerous pockets and zippers allow me to store all my essential travel items from chargers and personal care, to an extra outfit and a book. Seriously the amount of space within this bag is amazing! My favorite part about the backpack is it’s comfort. All the standing and walking involved with traveling for the holidays can be exhausting, but not once did my back or shoulders ache while wearing the backpack.

As for the Platinum® Elite Tri-Fold® Carry-On Garment Bag ($269.99
ARV), every fashion savvy person should have one of these in their
wardrobes. The garment bag can carry a couple of my favorite outfit pieces and keep them protected from the elements. Inside the garment bag there are also numerous pockets to hold accessories and smaller items, as well as padded roll-bars to guard against wrinkles.

The best part is that I can even get on a flight with these two pieces as my carry-ons! Along my journey home, the flight attendant even made a point to comment on how awesome and practical my Platinum® Elite Tri-Fold® Carry-On Garment Bag was! When a seasoned traveler compliments on the bag you know it’s a winner! Not to mention, Travelpro® has actually been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent flyers for over 30 years, and that’s probably, because it goes through a lot of testing to make sure it will withstand anything it’s put through. Do yourself a favor and invest in some functional and fashionable travel pieces before the busy travel season that will be with you for years to come!

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