April 17, 2018

All Photography by Nick Urteaga (@coastal_flicks)

Birds chirping, flowers blooming and warmer days. Spring is here at long last. What seems like what was an endless winter is now behind us. What does Spring mean to you? For me it is the opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life such as walks in the park or by the water without the urgency to find shelter. It is less planned living and more frolicking. The days are longer and those late night sunsets make us yearn for summer days ahead.

With all this time spent outdoors, it's time to start considering what you will be wearing as the temperatures change. When I think of warmer days, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Abercrombie. They embody everything it means to be outdoors and playful. I've picked out three of my favorite looks from their Spring assortment that will make you hotter than the mercury rising days ahead.

Look 1

My first look is one that balances two paradoxes of fashion: Street and formal wear. My favorite part of fashion is the freedom to express yourself and not be bound by norm or trends. I love wearing street inspired looks, but I equally love more formal and traditional items. So why not mix them? This layered look is light in tone, making it perfect for Spring, but still warm enough for those chilly days.

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Look 2

My second look is more casual in nature - with an eye towards those long weekends ahead. Imagine yourself on Memorial Day Weekend on the beach at night enjoying a bonfire with friends - this is the hoodie you'll want to be wearing.  It's also the perfect casual piece to run around town during the day. I paired it with white chinos so to not over-complicate the look. This hoodie will have memories and stories to tell by the time autumn rolls back around.

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Look 3

There is a saying - save the best for last. That's exactly what I've done here. This is by far my favorite piece from the Spring assortment. I must admit, even for me this piece was a bit beyond my comfort and norm and wondered how much use I would get. But I decided what the heck - I pulled the trigger. Boy was I glad, not only have I gotten so many compliments on the look, but I have seen in countless menswear fashion editorials that the Overalls are back. I'm happy to be an early contributor to this, as I think these are the ultimate playful spring piece. You can layer this look with practically anything from a black tee (as I have) to hoodies and sweaters. Do yourself that favor and add this to your wardrobe!

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