Saratoga Springs & Lake George

January 16, 2018 Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

The best way to endure the winter, in my opinion, is to plan getaways and adventures that break up the weekly monotony. One of the best parts of living in New York is the accessibility to so many charming places that take shape in the winter months. I have always favored the Hudson Valley when adventuring upstate, but was urged to venture further up and explore Saratoga and Lake George, of which I've never been before. Let's just say this won't be my last time at this Lake and I look forward to making many more memories here.

Day 1

We got a lot start to the 3.5 hour drive upstate to avoid some traffic, and decided to stop in the town of New Paltz on the way up for a coffee break at Commissary for a delicious latte to warm up. I brought my pup, Oreo, with me this getaway because the rest of my family was away in Florida; and soon realized all that went along with travelling with a dog. While stopping in New Paltz, Oreo's feet got completely muddy in the melting snow and dirtied the back seat so we made a quick pit stop to pick up some cleaning supplies and towels to guard the car from disaster again.

We finally arrived at Union Gables Inn, our B&B for the weekend. We chose this spot partly because they're dog friendly and I definitely recommend them if you're travelling with a pup to Saratoga! We drove into town for a bite to eat at Ravenous for some delicious crepes and fries, a much needed pick me up! 

We previously bought some concert tickets to Caffe Lena as we heard it has a rich music history, being the oldest continuously operating folk music venue in the US. Fun Fact: it was the first place Bob Dylan performed outside of NYC. Let me start off by saying I am by no means a folk/bluegrass aficionado; I love and appreciate all good music. With that said, this venue is a MUST SEE in Saratoga and was arguably the highlight of the whole weekend. Once a month they have a  Bright Series which is a night dedicated to up-and-coming artists and bands to showcase their talent. For two hours we were treated to some of the best live music I've seen in my life by The Last Revel and The Slocan Ramblers. 

Commissary, New Paltz

Union Gables Inn, Saratoga

Ravenous, Saratoga

Caffe Lena, Saratoga

Day 2

We started the rainy day with a Hot Yoga class at The Hot Yoga Spot which was very relaxing and much needed to clear the mind for the long weekend off. On the way back to the B&B we stopped at Uncommon Grounds for some coffee and I definitely recommend it, get them to stay as it seemed like the central hang out for the locals! 

After freshening up at the B&B, we made our way to Max London's for a late breakfast. It is the most famous spot in town, and for good reason. The food was so good I forgot to take a picture haha. After the long morning we finally headed out to our destination for the day, Lake George.

The weather was unseasonably warm after frigid days, so the fog was really deep and made it hard to see the lake and surrounding mountains, but it was amazing to see the lake in such a moody and mysterious atmosphere. 

Lake George

Lake George

Lake George

Day 3

After another lazy morning, we headed to Saratoga Coffee Traders, which in my opinion was the best coffee in town! It was a really chilly day so it was nice to cozy up, and they have a long list of interesting flavored lattes! After our morning pick-me-up we were looking for a big Saturday breakfast. Before heading to Saratoga, we heard Hattie's had some of the best fried chicken in the country; so naturally I got the chicken and waffles and boy they did not disappoint!  

After filling our bellies, we hit the road to go north again toward Lake George. It was a snowy night before, so we were excited to get into the surrounding mountains and see the Lake in a different form. We wandered through the town of Hague and enjoyed the empty, winding snow-filled roads. We stopped to take some pics and leisurely drove the area taking it all in. It's amazing how different of an experience we had at the lake just 24 hours on! We stopped to explore the island where The Sagamore Hotel is, and we were rewarded with the most fairytale sunset.

We stopped for some hot toddies on the way back before having a great dinner at Forno Bistro. I don't usually eat Italian when I go out, but this place was definitely worth the splurge the food was incredibly fresh and the atmosphere was so cozy. Again I forgot to take a pic, so you know it was THAT good!
Saratoga Coffee Traders, Saratoga

Hattie's, Saratoga

Oreo, Hague

Trout House Village, Hague

Lake George

Lake George

The Sagamore, Lake George

Bolton Landing

Lake George

Day 4

Our long weekend was coming to an end, and we saved the best for last. Mrs. London's Bakery. It is an award winning bakery, and for good reason. The pastries are to die for, we ordered a bunch to share and even got a bag to bring home to friends and family! This is a must visit when in Saratoga. We walked along the main street, Broadway, before heading back to our B&B to check out. On the drive back we explored the neighborhood along Union Ave, which has some incredible Old Victorian homes.

We packed the car and the road for New York City! We took a different route back, going along the eastern side of the Hudson River and stopped in the town of Hudson on the way home. We loved the town so much from our last weekend getaway that we decided to visit an eclectic coffee shop, Or Gallery & Tavern. It was cool spot to cozy up before driving anther 2.5 hours home! 

Hope you enjoyed our long weekend tales, and I hope you visit Saratoga and Lake George one day!

Mrs London's Bakery, Saratoga

Broadway, Saratoga

The Adelphi Hotel, Saratoga

Union Ave Historic District, Saratoga 
Union Ave Historic Distric, Saratoga

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