25 Intentions for 2018

January 2, 2018

New Year, New Mindset

The first week of the new year, 2018. All of us are brimming with positivity and hope as the new year is a blank canvas for us to architect our aspirations. As we should all set the bar high, as I have myself, BUT we should also be conscious of the reality of achievements. It is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. There will be difficult days ahead, but with the right mindset we can prevail anything that this year throws our way and learn from both the highs and the lows. 

Last year I came across a Greatist article about 25 Things the Author wish they knew 10 years ago. It stuck with me so much that I typed them up in a list and printed them out to hang at my desk. I want to share with you all those 25 points, and what they mean to me.

Struggle is Good
Nothing Worthwhile is going to come easy. Anything that you aspire to achieve will take dedication and with that comes mistakes and failures. Don't be ashamed by that, each of us is unique in failure.

Don't Complain

Why complain? It's a waste of time, and solves nothing. And it brings your mood down further. Do something if you're bothered.

Spend Time With People You Love

Friends and Family alike, they are the seams that bound our life together. We encounter so many people in our lives, and so few touch us in a way that is distinct. Keep them close and don't let them go.

Don't Start A Relationship If You're Not In Love

Don't settle, ever. But especially never in love. Time is precious, use it to grow with someone who challenges you to be better everyday.

Exercise Daily 
Always find time for your personal health. It takes far less time than you imagine. Healthy choices leave us in a better place for tomorrow, so why even consider it an option. All it takes is as little as 30 minutes from your own home, and we have abundant resources today. If you can't build a healthy body and mind, what can you build? No excuses!

Keep A Journal
This is something I have struggled with, and challenge myself on. Part of the inspiration of this blog is a source of my personal journals. Write memories down, express how your feel. It helps to talk it out with yourself. And in the end you have all of these experiences to look back on - you won't regret it.

Be Grateful
Why shouldn't we be grateful? Each of us is living a life that millions of people would dream of. The internet you have to read this is a blessing. Say Thank You, and be gracious. Life could be far worse.

Don't Care About What Other People Think
Another one I struggle with. I always care how other perceive my actions and intentions because I want to come off with the best of both. But sometimes it leads to indecisiveness. Enough of that, take action despite what others think. Take that silly picture, dance in public, proclaim your love out loud in front of others. It's our life to live.

Take More Risks
No risk, no reward eh? 

Pick and Industry, Not A Job
This is another big one for me. What are you passionate about? Now chase your dreams in that realm. Don't settle for a job because you studied it in college and now you hate it. The goal in life is for work not to feel like a job. Wake up every morning with a burning passion for what you do, no matter what it is.

Lead The Way
Gone are the days of relying on others. Be your own leader. Don't wait for someone else to make a decision. 

Money Isn't (the most) Important
I included the most part here, because it is naive to think money has no importance. But, never make it your number one. People and experiences should be. Spend a few extra dollars if it means an everlasting memory. Value yourself not by your belongings and bank account, but by the wealth of love you surround yourself with.

Be Nice
Why shouldn't we be nice, why should being mean ever be a default option? Don't allow yourself to be stepped over, of course. But be nice, until you're forced not to be - but always maintain your class.

Learn Every Day
If we're not learning what are we doing? No matter what age you are, you should challenge yourself to learn. No one likes somebody who thinks they know it all. Learn a new hobby, broaden your horizons. Substitute that work happy hour for an art class or a speech by someone who you aspire to be. 

Rest Before You Are Tired
This is another difficult one, as we are all stretching ourselves between the many demands of our lives. Listen to your body and mind. Want to stay in on a Saturday night because you just need to? Don't feel guilty about it.

Don't Judge
This is one I used to struggle with because I felt like every one was judging each other. But in reality, no one cares. And if they do in 10 minutes they'll forget. Allow people to live their lives. You don't know their journey or struggles.

Think About Others
We should all do this a bit more. The age of social media has made it seem like we all only care about ourselves. Thinking of someone? Send them a text just because. Before speaking, think of the effect your words will have on others.

Give Without Expecting in Return
No one likes a score keeper. Pay for a friend, yours will come in return one day. Enjoy giving, even if it is a cup of coffee. It feels nice.

There's No End Game
Another one I Struggle with. In this life we all have goals and try to map out the best path to get there. But to be honest that path is life, and it is awfully enjoyable. Let's not forget to revel in the path.

Enjoy Small Things
For me, this is honestly one of my biggest life passions. If my life could be a collection of small and happy moments where you feel alive in each of them I'd die happy. Enjoy a smile or a full laughter. Go out in the snow or the rain and feel alive.

Don't Take Yourself So Seriously
This is another one I struggle with. Our life is a such a balance of being easy going and lovable but also dependent and accountable. What I realized is no one knows what they're doing here, for that reason don't take it so seriously.

Don't Blame People
We all make mistakes, and if someone else has, I'm sure they're aware and upset about it, don't make it harder on them. Also, if you make a mistake, take ownership. After the fact you'll be glad and proud of your own honesty.

Create Something
It feels good to. And do it for yourself. Wanted to write a blog? Do it - and reach out for help. Wanted to create a stronger body - work at it daily. Love music - pick up the instrument and practice.

Never Look Back Too Long
Look back to learn. Re-read that journal to revel in how far you've come and how much you've grown. Don't look back to regret, even if you have misstepped. There's no point in going through the sorrow twice over.

Take Action
With this all in mind - go out and do it! Whatever it is to you, do it with 100% passion and effort because in this life all we have is our intentions and those around us to share them with.

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