PNW Dreamland: Part 1

December 15, 2017 Seattle, WA, USA

PNW Road Trip:Seattle

I recently took a trip with my sister to the PNW (Pacific NorthWest), in which we road tripped from Seattle to Vancouver. We spent our time juggling the immense natural landscape of the area and indulging in all each city had to offer. Join me as I share my experiences of, in my opinion, one of the most magical places to visit in North America.

Mt. Ranier

So technically our first full day didn't start in Seattle, we headed straight for the mountains, Mt. Rainier to be exact. The early rise was worth it as we approached the mountain the morning light appeared and the fog filled mountain revealed itself in full fall foliage. Our excitement couldn't be tamed as we entered the park and began our hike for the day. The forests aroma was like a Christmas wonderland. Imagine the smell of your Christmas Tree, but in every breath you took. The hike itself was peaceful and serene, as we were alone most of the day. After 3 hours of breathtaking views, we descended back to our car. We took a short drive to see Reflection Lake, before indulging in some well deserved blueberry pie a local recommended to us!



A Day in the City

So the second day we got to explore neighborhoods and hunt for the best coffee shop Seattle has to offer! Fall was in full affect in the air, colored leaves were littered throughout the streets and the air was cool and crisp, perfect day for exploring. We started at Pike Place Market to get some sweets from Cinnamon Works and the perfect latte from Storyville (no joke it was the most velvety latte I've ever had). After exploring the rest of the shops in the market (and unapologetically having a second breakfast from the Crumpet Shop) we headed to Pioneer Square, the original industrial heart of the city. The buildings here are very rustic and make for some great shots - especially the hidden alleyways! Next we checked out the Seattle Library, not to read, but for the incredible architecture (think totally pink rooms and futuristic balconies), this place was instagram heaven I definitely recommend checking it out! We then headed towards the Capitol Hill neighborhood exploring all the cute shops in route, there are so many cute ones along the way so be prepared to explore! After getting our step count up we indulged in some Molly Moon's Ice Cream (cannot miss). To cap the day off we headed up to Kerry Park for the best sunset in the city! (beware of the ridiculously steep hill to get up there).

A Day in Olympic National Park

Let me start with the disclaimer that Olympic National Park justifies way more than one day, and trying to do it all can be a bit overwhelming; but try we did and so our day started at 4AM. We drove for hours in the dark with no service, playlist on rerun. The sun finally emerged as we reached the south-west corner of the park. As we drove along the coast we saw a peak of a stunning beach off the road that was closed, without hesitation we pulled off and ran down to the water to take in one of the most breathtaking views. At our feet was a deserted beach populated with thousands of logs. It was one of the most raw, natural moments I've experienced. After soaking in the views we got back in the car and drove a few more hours to the Hoh Rainforest, our main destination for the day. The best way to describe this place is that it is the real life setting of Alice and Wonderland. Imagine the most over-lush, peaceful place on earth. We meandered through willowing oak trees among Elk. Surely this wasn't real life, far from the normal passer-by of the sidewalks of New York. After taking our time through the endless trail, we pushed on through the park. Next stop: Sol Duc Falls. A short "hike" led us to a stunning and powerful waterfall. Tired and weary from the long day we sat besides the falls and took in the awe of nature. The sights and sounds we've seen today have been unparalleled. In the span of 12 hours we managed to see a beach, rain forest, water fall, lake; mother nature was really flexing today.




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