3 Days in the Hudson Valley

December 19, 2017

120 Miles North 

Every Autumn I look forward to spending at least one weekend in Upstate New York. You may not know this, but I went to Marist College for my undergrad in Poughkeepsie, NY. And during my time there I garnered a great appreciation for quaint and charming towns throughout the region. This year I went up with a friend and decided to explore the towns of Hudson and Catskill, and surrounding area.

Day 1

We arrived late Thursday night after driving up from work. I think it's best to get the driving out of the way so that on the full first day you can fully enjoy from the moment you awake. In the weeks leading up to our getaway we were pleading with mother nature to give us cooler temperatures as the temps had been unseasonably high into October. You know that expression be careful what you ask for? Yeah, we were sorry we asked for it because it was below freezing all weekend! Given it was so cold we balanced our time between coffee shop snuggles and sight seeing. We started our morning at the most eclectic coffee shop in Catskill, HiLO. After warming up with the perfect latte we drifted in and out of shops along Main St - I particularly recommend Magpies Bookshop.

From Catskill we crossed the Hudson River and drove up to the beautiful Olana State historic House. It is my absolute favorite destination in the Hudson Valley and I couldn't miss the chance to see it again. Luckily the cold scared away most, so we were able to get on a tour without pre-planning (which I recommend doing). The house is designed by a 20th Century artist and it is modeled after his worldly travels while creating art. The house and surrounding grounds are sublime. After braving the cold for long enough we made our way into Hudson and straight for a some warm coffee. The MOTO Coffee/Machine was the perfect chill hang out. Once our bodies thawed out, we braved the cold again and meandered in and out of the vintage shops along Warren St. There are so many cool spots here which I'll list at the end of this post! 

Day 2

The second day was planned to be all about nature and so we decided to hit the trail up to Giant's Ledge. But first coffee (always). We went a little out of the way to Gracie's Luncheonette, but totally worth it. This place started out as a food truck, but now is the coziest place for breakfast (and the best donuts). We filled up our table with eggs, waffles and an abundance of caffeine to prepare us for our long hike. The drive down to the trail was scenic and worthwhile. The peak foliage colors were on their last leg but the winding roads were enjoyable nonetheless. The trail was faintly marked but we found it and began our journey. The cool temperatures weren't a bother once we got moving and the trail certainly challenged us at points. An hour and a half later we reached the peak and were rewarded with a wonderful view of the entire valley. It was truly worth the trek. We took our time at the top for some pictures and to soak in the views. We descended the trail slowly really enjoying our time in the outdoors. Before heading out to our Air Bnb in Saugerties, we decided to explore the town of Woodstock, and we were glad we did! We warmed up with some hot cider at the Garden Cafe and explored all the diverse shops, I recommend checking out Candlestock in particular.

Day 3

 Our final day was planned to be spent at Storm King Art Center, a destination I've been anticipating for years. We started the morning at Bluestone Coffee Roasting in Saugerties for some coffee and quick bites. We headed straight to Storm King so that we would have ample time to explore. And explore we did. The grounds are a sprawling oasis, an adult playground of sorts. Giant and marvelous sculptures sprinkle the open area. The contrast between nature and the man made art is ever-present throughout. There is even an art sculpture that only incorporates the nature which was by far my favorite. We frolicked among the hills and grass for hours. Enjoying the sunny day and taking the immaculate grounds. I would recommend to anyone visiting the Hudson Valley that Storm King is a must see and I regret waiting so long to see it! 

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